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Broadband phone calls is a dynamic multi-media company with multiple streams of income from a selection of competitive products including a complete telco operation with highly competitive broadband 10 cent calls rates, ADSL, Online Data Back-up, EFTPOS. 13/1300/1800 Fonewords, VoIP, /Hosting/ Audio and TV.

Using Broadband phone calls has positioned itself as a virtually integrated telephone communications company with the aim of becoming a one stop, one bill solution for the commercial and residential markets. Broadband is based in Brisbane Queensland,with representation on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney NSW , Melbourne VIC, Los Angeles, and a manufacturing presence in India and R&D in China.

Broadband Internet
Firstly, you will need a high speed Internet connection to use VoIP services, such as ADSL, Cable or Wireless. You may use Fonebox VoIP with any ISP (Internet Service Provider) Broadband Connection, just as you are free to visit any website you like.

We recommend at least a 512Kbps/128Kbps broadband connection for optimum call quality, however VoIP will work on almost any high speed Broadband Internet connection.

VoIP Enabled Device
When you think VoIP, you probably think you have to use your computer to make calls. Not true, while you can use your PC and software, for the best performance you should use your existing telephone handset with a Fonebox VoIP telephone adapter.

We have a range of VoIP hardware options available to suit your needs at home and work. If you don't yet have a VoIP enabled device, we can configure and ship one directly to you. All you have to do is plug it in!

For all your Broadband Calls requirements in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney NSW, Canberrra ACT, Melbourne VIC, Hobart TAS, Adelaide SA, Perth WA and Darwin NT contact Broadband Today!

Broadband Phone and VoIP Products and Services:

  • Hardware Phone Calls
  • GXP2000 Enterprise IP Phone
  • Fonebox MP3 Music on Hold Player (MOH1500,MOH1600 & Platinum)
  • Broadband Phone (VoIP)
  • Broadband Internet
  • 13/1300/1800 Fonewords
  • Website Audio

VOIP Broadband Phone Calls
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